History of the Church

The Parish of St Anne with St Mark and St Thomas – our story

Despite the many dedications, we only have one church building – St Anne’s, and it is in St Leonard’s Road, Greenbank.

St Anne’s was built at the turn of the last century as a mission church from St Mark’s Parish. That was when the houses round about were being built and there were grand plans to build a “proper” church on what is now affectionately referred to as “our field”. WWI came along, money ran out, the mission hall was turned around, a sanctuary added and in 1926 St Anne’s became a parish in it’s own right.

In October 1976 dry, or was it wet, rot ceased to make St Thomas’ (the Apostle) church in Stapleton Road viable. Similar problems beset St Mark’s in 1982 and the parish assumed the boundaries we have today.

more information about the history of the church is on this website http://www.churchcrawler.co.uk/bristol3/greenbnk.htm

For 15 years we had members of the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church from Kerala in India worshipping with us. We have been benefiting greatly from this partnership over the years and joined together in many joint services, mission events and projects. At Easter 2017 The Mar Thoma Church moved into their own building in Southville. You can visit their website: http://www.bristolmarthomachurch.org.uk/