Godly Play

We do Godly Play!

A Godly Play session is held on three Sundays a month. To find which Sundays please check out the calender.

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play can help you see and do things differently

In Godly Play the children are invited into a sacred space where their innate spirituality is respected and nurtured.

With stories, wondering and work the children are given a framework to learn how to express their own responses to the spirit of God that moves in every person.

The children are welcomed by the Door keeper and then listen to the story told by the Story teller. There are no more than two adults in the room, so that it becomes a ‘child focused place’

At the conclusion of the story the children are invited to ‘wonder’ about the story. There are no ‘right’ answers , but an opportunity for the children to discover what the story tells them about God and their lives.

Then there is time for ‘work’ which is entirely self-motivated, each child choses the work they want to do and there is no objective set by the adults.

After a prayer and possibly a snack the children say goodbye to the Story teller and the Door keeper.

Godly play is inspired by the pedagogue of Montessori. More information can be found at the Godly Play UK website.

 “In most religious education children are told who God is. In Godly Play children discover who God is.”