About Us

To learn more about the church building and the history of the parish, take a look at our history page.

The church is being run by the church wardens and ministry team under the oversight of Rev Melanie Otto. meet the team

Our Mission

A church building sanctuary for everyone. This has been our ‘mission statement’ since we were led in a mission planning exercise by Tina Goede in 2014.

It has been the undergirding purpose statement for the strategy and intention of what we have been about as a church for the past few years.

  • We are a Church, a place of Christian worship
  • We have stewardship of a building and we desire to be built up as a community of Christians
  • We want to offer in our building and our community a place of sanctuary.
  • Sanctuary is safety, peace, restoration…
  • Everyone, who ever they are and what ever they bring is welcome.

Today we want to celebrate what has happened in the last few years and dream about what we could do in the future.